Research shows that 70% of smokers want to quit – so you’re not alone. 

We know quitting smoking can be difficult. It's also a different experience for every smoker: some people succeed on the first try; others try many times before they quit for good.

If you're thinking about quitting, or you'd like to help a friend or family member to do so, we can help!

How to go about it

The first thing is to realise that quitting smoking is a process and it is important to understand where you fit in the process or ‘cycle’ of change.

Next, you need to plan when and how you’re going to quit.

If you manage to stay off smoking for a few weeks, your chances of success are greatly increased. There are lots of treatments available to help you through the journey. We know a relapse is always a possibility. We have also developed a series of short podcasts to help you through the process, covering everything from the reasons you should stop in the first place, to withdrawal symptoms and dealing with cravings. Click here for our audio guide to quitting smoking.