NCS Golf Scramble "Teeing 'fore' a Cure" 2015


Date:                            Sunday 3rd May 2015


Start Time:                   1:30 pm shot gun start


Format:                        Scramble – 4 players per team


Entrance Fee:               Members

                                  $115.00 plus cart off cart programme – includes Add-Ons


                                  $150.00 - includes Cart and Add-Ons


Add –Ons:                   1 mulligan, entry into closest to pin, longest drive and Hole In One Competitions


  1. Children under 12 are allowed to use tees anywhere on the course except within 20 yards from the greens
  2. Persons with Handicaps over 36** (including all juniors) are allowed to use tees anywhere on the course except within 20yards from the greens and on the greens
  3. Each player is allowed 1 Mulligan at any time during the 18 holes of play.  Mulligans are not transferable
  4. All Players must record at least 2 tee shots in the round.  A 3 stroke penalty will apply for each tee shot less than 2
  5. All players shall hit a tee shot on each hole.  The team will select one shot to play its 2nd shot from.  The person whose shot is selected shall not play the next shot.  The 3 players shall hit from within 1 club length of the selected ball no closer to the hole.  This shall continue until a selected shot is on the green.
  6. When on the green all players shall be entitled to put.
  7. First player to hit a hole in One on any of the designated holes win the prize.


* Subject to Change – Final Rules will be distributed at the start of Scramble

** To be determined by the Provo Golf Club